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Jul. 5th, 2010 09:43 am NEW JOURNAL!!

Got a new Livejournal. Not using this one anymore. My new one isstringsave ! add meee!!!

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Aug. 27th, 2009 10:17 am school run down

So i'm really liking college so far. Its going really well and is really easy.Heres a basic rundown of whats going on in all of my classes and such.

Music Theory:
ALOT. Readying, writing, notes, sight singing,ear training, etc. Its gonna be hard, but i think it'll also be fun. Every other day we do sight singing. I'm not to good at it, being that i havent really sung anything in a few years (theres a story as to why but i really dont wanna get into that), but i'm hoping that it'll help me get my voice back into shape and start to enjoy singing again.

English Composition:
First few weeks we're working on Grammar, which honestly I'm not to good at. The teacher is really good from what i've heard and hopefully he can help out alot. Other than that we're doing TONS AND TONS of writing. I kinda expected that though.

Intro to Psychology:
Probably the easiest class I'm taking honestly. All i have to do is take notes. No bookwork, no homework, nothing.The professor is this hilarious lil japanese lady whom i really like.

Beginning Algebra:
REALLY REALLY EASY. i honestly dont know why i didnt try to test out of this class. O well, i could use an easier class on my list anyway. The professors kinda annoying. He is that football coach type who basically yells in your face the whole time. He explains things really well though.

Electronic Music:
Hella fun. We're working on this program called Reason 4, and using it to learn how to make different sounds on the computer. The professor seems really cool, and really knows what hes talking about. The only downside is i'm the only girl, but i guess thats too be expected in an audio class. There are only 6 people in the entire class anyways. Another downside is that it is two and a half hours long. However theres no homework and we do all of our projects in class in that two and a half hours.

Fun but HARD. I dont think ive ever played harder violin music in my life. I am playing second violin, which is a bit easier, and i can kinda hide behind everyone else, which is one plus that i definately didnt have being the only violin in high school band. Schuberts "Unfinished Symphony" is probably the most popular ones we're doing. We're also working on some really easy Bartok dances, Pavane by Faure, "An outdoor overature" by Copland, and "Marche Hongroise" by the ever so famous frenchman who is not the least bit hungarian, Berlioz.

thats about it for now. im off to work on some homework before showing someone the flute im selling.

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Aug. 25th, 2009 03:42 pm SULFAGE

i do NOT want to sing in sulfage!!!!! i dont wanna sing period!!! tis why i play violin!!! i'm not a singer!!!!!! DAMNIT

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Aug. 13th, 2009 02:01 pm updates and new car

figured id update since i havent in awhile.

schools about to start in a week and a half. honestly im really super excited for college to start. i like most of my classes and some of the teachers my friends have had and they tell me their good. i'll still be working after school too.
got a new car yesterday. well its not NEW but its like new. its an 07 Toyota Corolla. i loooooveee itt...we got it because it gets great gas mileage and my mom wanted me to get something that would at least last me 5 more years.i'm gonna be making the majority of the car payment so i've been working like nuts, or at least trying to. I'm gonna ask and see if i can work both the mentor store and chardon store to get extra hours. my boss suggested it.
the cars pretty nice so far. no problems. there r pics up on my facebook

got my books not to long ago. i honestly dont think i've ever spent that much on school supplies before. $300, and thats not including supplies.
guess thats college for you.

other than that ive pretty much been hanging out with the magster alot. shes leaving for college in 8 days, which we're both really sad about. honestly i dont want a long distance relationship but this one i think im willing to give it a try, cuz i love my midget lady and shes definately worth it. its gonna be hard though being so far away...

overall though right now im pretty happy

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Jul. 27th, 2009 10:25 pm lol

I love how oblivious my mom is.

Me:Do you mind if maggie stays the night?
Mom:No! not at all.
Me: Do you mind if maybe she stays a few nights?
Mom: Nope! Where's she gonna sleep? Leighs old room
Mom:Or the smaller guest room?

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Jul. 18th, 2009 11:01 pm sorry for lack of updates

if anyones been reading this....
the trip went really well. we had loads of fun. pics are up on my facebook.
i wanna say ive been fine lately but if i did id be completely lying to myself. i had another breakdown the other day and it wasnt pretty. i feel like im living a double life and its driving me nuts. like i have to be one person at work and in public but another in private and with friends. i hate it. i hate lying to people, especially myself.
there are very very few places i can let loose and be myself anymore without having to worry about someone from work seeing or one of my parents friends or whatever..

i swear one day my head is going to explode from this paranioa


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Jul. 6th, 2009 03:14 pm vacation

so here we are in vermont. my grandparents dont have internet at the condo so i'm stealing the neighbors. :)!! woot for stealing internets
its gone pretty well so far. my grandparents were here yesterday and showed us the ropes of the place. they stayed one night with us, then left earlier today.
now we have the place all to ourselves. :)......

went to the pool today. the weathers gorgeous. cept i was having bathing suit issues. thats what you get with a Wal Mart swimsuit. lol

tomorrow we're probably going up to Stratton village, or Manchester, depending where we wanna go. We also want to go horseback riding one day but idk when or where cuz we're having trouble finding a stable.

no pics yet. but i'll update with pics tmrw!
meanwhile its movie night over here

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Jun. 26th, 2009 08:55 am vermont

So the vermont trip is next week. Yes, we're going to Vermont, not Montreal. Mainly because 1. we cant afford to go out of country and 2 we can stay in Vermont for free. We're staying at my grandparents condo.
I'm a bit frustrated because my mom really wants us to find more people to go. I've tried n all, but i've exausted all my options. Most people either dont have the money, or are doing something else. What she needs to remember is that we agreed that either way we're going. We've had this planned for months now. we're not changing it.

Anyway we leave Sunday the 5th and come back the 10th. I'll be bringing my computer so I'll probably be updating my LJ or Facebook (or both) from the road...so stay tuned for updates!!

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Jun. 24th, 2009 10:04 am boredom causing depression

ive been bored out of my mind lately and its been causing me to feel a lil depressed..
not as bad as i used to be but i think thats only because ive been taking my meds like the doctors tell me to..
im just afraid that its going to spiral downwards and get worse....

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Jun. 21st, 2009 04:05 pm i love

how my new pills make me hyper and haapppyyyyyyyy !!!!

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